What We Do

create.produce:media [CPM]

At create.produce:media we have a wealth of experience in content development, media production/development and project management for organizational learning & performance, events and communications.

Our focus is helping organizations develop elearning/electronic media strategies. We provide media production/development resources that support their efforts.

What We Do

  • Instructional Design/Content development – It all starts with content. Content developers are specialized media developers who have content generation skills including graphic design, multimedia development, professional writing, and documentation. Instructional designers develop content with an eye on learning and performace objectives. We can deliver your content via web, print, video/DVD, interactive and elearning applications.
  • Media production/development – No matter the media, we apply a production process that plans for the changes required to deliver the project on target.
  • Learning & performance media development – CPM’s core competency is developing learning content and applying media production processes to develop elearning, print and video projects.
  • Project management – Creative projects change. As the vision becomes clearer with each draft or version, projects need to change to ensure their effectiveness within organizational goals. CPM has adapted the project management methodologyAgile/Scrum from the software development industry to help manage the non-linear, iterative nature of creative project development.
  • Video Producing/Directing – In the ’80s and ’90s CPM principles developed competencies in traditional video production when video/film was the leading communications and training medium. While our skills have expanded to include other media, video – broadcast, non-broadcast, video for web and short film – remains a key format for our projects.
  • Audio production – CPM produces narration for elearning projects. We record, edit and do audio sweetening. Listen to Dave Fullen’s voice demos.
  • Print design & production – From Participant & Leader Guides for classroom instruction to illustrations that support organizational development initiatives, CPM edits your content for meaning & clarity. CPM has the skills and experience to design and develop the print pieces you need.
  • Event production – CPM will plan and produce the general sessions for your event, create the technical scripts that include show scripts, technical cues, speeches, transitions, introductions and awards. CPM will design and create speech support templates, and produce video elements as the project requires.

National Church Residences’ NCR University (NCRU) is a good example of CPM’s range. CPM edited content, produced design and layout for multiple print modules, and developed a series of e-learning modules for the country’s leading developer of affordable housing. Print modules included Participant and Facilitator guides. Online modules required adapting print content to a multimedia format, providing instructional design, producing narration, video production, Flash development for content and activity slides, and management of assets in NCRU’s LMS.

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), a consortium of member libraries from around the globe, contracted CPM to develop a series of e-learning modules for its new employee orientation program. Modules are delivered via WebEx for tracking, and on the OCLC intranet for all employees. 

Libraries 101OCLC contracted CPM to develop a series of e-learning modules on the fundamentals of libraries, titled Libraries 101, to give a broad overview of libraries and the services they offer.

168 Project (www.168project.com). 168 is a faith-based, worldwide incubator, in which teams make a short film in 7 days.  All films screen at the 168 Film Festival. CPM partner Dave Fullen directed the film, “Silent Offering” which was selected for the 2010 Best of 168 Film Festival DVD.
CPM developed Olympic diving coach Ron O’Brien’s “Divers to College”, a high school divers recruiting web site for college diving coaches (www.DiversToCollege.com). There are many college athletic recruiting services available for high school athletes to choose from, but they all work with multiple sports (usually 15 to 25) and divers get lost in the mix. If these athletic recruiting services don’t know the sport of diving, how can they ask the right questions and gather the vital information divers and coaches need to make correct decisions? Divers To College is the only college recruiting service that works specifically with high school divers and college diving coaches.

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